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Erinwood Ford
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4.5 out of 5 stars

Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

They're going through a renovation right now so it's a bit cramped but overall it was a great experience. Bought a new mustang from Chevon. He is the best! Let us try 4 cars at our own pace with no pressure. When we were ready to buy he took his time with us and helped us get a great deal. When the car arrived he strategically arranged delivery so I could get an even better deal on the APR. He even had it in a garage under white light for us to inspect it (it was night when we picked it up) and he really worked hard to correct the small defects we found (mostly glue from tape). Can't say enough about how great it was to deal with him. Bory was a great finance guy to deal with as well. I'm happy with the customer service I received here, the price was also good.


1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I went this week to trade my 2014 truck for a 2016. I met my previous sales person Dave Giovanni and we found a 2016 F150 which I really liked.

After test driving we went in his office and we worked out the trade with their offer. The new truck price was $40,930 + plus my add ons like remote starter ...

We did all the paperwork and because i had an appointment i had to leave and come back within 2 hours.

Dave obtained my credit card information to get a deposit. After I finished my appointment, i went and met with Dave as agreed.

When i met him he told me that he wanted $3,750 more for the truck alone.

I got very upset asking him why he changed the price. He told me that he can't do anything and if I wanted to have the truck then i must pay $3,750 extra.

I told Dave why he didn't call me before i went back which i drove from Toronto to meet him so I would not waste my time.

I asked him that the deal must go as we had agreed, he invited Nick his manager and when Nick came he first tried to brainwash me saying that there was a mistake in the pricing before. I asked Nick to explain why they advertised it ther for the amount we had agreed.

I told them that the deal must go as agreed then Nick & Dave called someone and they came with a counter offer for me to pay $2140 instead of $3750 extra.

Because I really liked the truck I agreed even though I got ripped off.

We again did all the paper work, paid deposit and went home. Next day a lady by the name Robin calle me and said i am not approved for the new truck.

I told her that I need a letter stating why i am not approved and she said Dave should give me that letter. I tried calling Dave many times throug main line and his cellphone and he wouldn't answer.

Then i used different way to reach him and i called Dave with a New York phone number which i have. As soon as i called him Dave answered and i told him it was me. I first asked him why he doesn't answers me when i call him with my cellphone and he said he was busy for few hours.

Then I asked Dave to help me get my deposit back and the letter stating why i am not approved. Dave said I need to go to his office and ask for a manager so i can get my deposit and the letter because he was busy.

I went to the office and no one could assist me because Dave had the file.

Finally BRAD, the sales manager came and he gave my deposit back.

I don't recommend anyone to shop at this dealer but if anyone shops at this dealer then be very careful because these people are professional scammers. Once they know you like a vehicle then they will twist the price and brainwash you and scam you all the way.

Moayad Ayash
Moayad Ayash

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Thanks to one previous review I will make sure to stay away. I hate when a dealer start to make last minute changes to a deal OR when they are not clear about pricing.

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